Many bands and musicians have found fame by using Social Media. In cutting edge web 2.0 technologies, music industry is singing out loud. Songsters, musicians and rock bands embrace social networking sites to promote their music, reach out to fans, and create their web presence. Now catching up on the latest music news, watching concert videos, following the tour dates of your favorite music artists and most importantly sharing music is done on a click.

For musicians, MySpace has always been an excellent tool for marketing their music, but the massive popularity of Facebook certainly makes it a community not to be ignored. Facebook’s advertising platform is an incredible example of how targeted advertising has become. The profile pages launched on Facebook enable brands, bands and celebrities to create a customized presence on the social network. Facebook just got a whole lot friendlier for music artists. Plus it has very reasonable advertising rates, so almost any budget will fit.

Facebook is treating music artists just like any other brands, which can also set up their own Facebook pages, do my powerpoint presentation, and market to them directly.
Although MySpace has always been popular for its promotion of music but Facebook is the new trend. Promoting events on Facebook is much more interactive than on MySpace because:
• Friends can respond with comments on the dedicated page for each event. Since Facebook users tend to be obsessive about checking in and using Facebook on a daily basis, this can be a great way to create online buzz about an upcoming event. On the other hand MySpace users don’t have a tendency to check up everyday which hampers its ability to create the online buzz that Facebook can.
• When it comes to online visibility MySpace pages are not very interactive while Facebook lends itself to constant interaction, making it a great way to reach out to your fans on a more personal level. Artists both small and large benefit from an intimate fan-artist relationship, resulting in a more dedicated and loyal fan base.
Invest in your time in social networks for promoting your music online and extending your reach. Facebook has become a real growth industry where musicians  are making it larger through their public profiles. To have an edge over your competitors you have to have a strong connection with your fans so go ahead and promote your music online through Facebook.